New Location:

Ruscombe Mansion Holistic Community Health Center, 4803 Yellowwood Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209

**Baltimore Friends of IONS meetings will be in at 4803 (not 4801), the smaller Hill House, in the conference room on the right just inside the entrance (go up the outside steps).


Directions: From the Baltimore beltway, Interstate 695, take Exit 23, I-83 South. Proceed to Coldspring Lane Exit A & B (Exit 9), and bear west at the top of the ramp. At the first traffic light, turn right onto Tamarind Road. Follow up the hill, and take the first left onto Yellowwood Avenue. Wind around the curve, and watch for the Ruscombe Mansion about 1/3 mile down the road on the right. Look for a large, white home-looking building with a parking lot in front and follow the signs that lead you up the path. Baltimore Friends of IONS meetings will be in the smaller Hill House, in the conference room on the right just inside the entrance at the top of the outside steps.  Please knock on the door if it is locked.

Suggested Meeting Donation: $8.00





Wednesday, June 20, 2018

7:00 – 8:30 pm

Suggested Donation: $ 8.00

Guest Speaker: JD Stillwater

TOPIC:  Seven Candles: Science for a Deeper Spirituality


JD Stillwater

JD Stillwater

JD Stillwater is a science educator, writer, and musician. Seven Candles springs from his love of science and his tendency to care more about implications than conventions. What he brings to the global conversation is a gift for making difficult science concepts graspable for non-scientists, but then to take us further into the deeper mysteries that those concepts engender.

Seven Candles: Science for a Deeper Spirituality is a one-hour multi-media talk, similar to a TEDTM talk. Seven Candles is a tour of seven “revelations” from science, drawn from well-established scientific knowledge. They bring profound implications for spirituality, including a clearer understanding of the universe, with all its ambiguity and mystery, and our fundamental connections within it and to it.

Seven Candles emphasizes the role science can play in deepening a spiritual path, regardless of personal theology. Science doesn’t offer new beliefs, but rather new eyes. In short, Seven Candles employs science in the service of awe, reverence, wonder, mystery, and oneness.

Seven Candles:

1: Scale – Cosmology; vastness in space, time, quantity, potential, and mystery.

2: Flow – Relativity; Classical relativity as applied to cosmology

3: Stardust – Cosmic evolution of matter

4: No-thing – Atoms, from Bohr to QM

5: Evolution – Basics and implications

6: Emergence – the origin conditions for complexity

7: One – The science of inter-connections