February 11, 2020 Meeting – Open Discussion Night

Meeting —Tuesday February 11, 2020

Open Discussion Night – Bring A Topic

 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Suggested Donation: $ 8.00

Happy New Year and new decade! An early spring is predicted by the groundhog!

We will have an open discussion night. Please come with an idea that you want to discuss regarding any principles or topics related to the Institute of Noetic Sciences. It will be fun to have an interactive time and chat with each other.

Each person will have up to 5 minutes maximum, timed, to talk about an interesting book, movie, lecture, or personal experience and then the group will discuss the topic for 10 minutes. This will ensure that we get a variety of discussion topics, and allow everyone a chance to speak.

Suggested topics would be meditation, UFO, outer space, inner space, a book, a sci fi movie you saw, a lecture you attended, advances in science, science and spirituality, ancient cultural wisdom or sites, etc., or anything else you think fits the IONS niche (which is pretty wide open) except hopefully not politics (because politics really means ‘poly’ = many and ‘tics’ = little insects)

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