Alice Yeager’s September 14, 2021 Zoom Presentation

The zoom recorded session with our guest, Alice Yeager, is now available. You can view the entire talk at the zoom link… Passcode: jg0T0W6#  Read More

May 5, 2020 – Mare Cromwell Zoom Meeting Talk – Recordings

Mother Gaia’s Perspective on  Earth Changes & the Ascension   So much is happening so fast on our Sacred Earth as the New Earth is birthing. There are massive forest fires, the Coronavirus, economic turbulence, plus the political chaos and more. For many humans, these are quite unsettling and stressful times. What are Mother Gaia’s perspectives on all that is happening? It may not be what you think it is. View Mare’s... Read More

Douglas Kinney presentation on Between-Lives Regression, July 2014

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Transform Your Life Through Conscious Awakening

During this recorded presentation authors  Mary  &  Dr. Dave DiSano discussed: How science can explain unseen phenomenon; How Quantum Theory supports psychic phenomenon; How conscious thought is energy and how conscious energy can leave the body; Scientific evidence of psychic phenomenon such as Out-of-Body experiences, Near-Death-Experiences, Astral projection, Reincarnation and Entity Possession; How conscious energy, energy healing, chakras... Read More

Shamanism: An Introduction to Another World by Erin Reeve

Erin Reeve In this talk, Dr. Erin Reeve tells the tale of her unexpected entrance into the world of shamanism. During her medical school training, she met and began training with Dr. Cecile Carson who was a physician and practicing shaman. Since then, she has been developing her practice with clients in Baltimore. Just recently she studied in Nepal with the local shamans of Kathmandu. Baltimore_IONS_ErinReeve-Part_1 Baltimore_IONS_ErinReeve-Part_2    Read More

Theodore Richards

  New Location: Ruscombe Mansion Holistic Community Health Center, 4803 Yellowwood Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209 **Baltimore Friends of IONS meetings will be in at 4803 (not 4801), the smaller Hill House, in the conference room. MAP/Diagram– Directions: From the Baltimore beltway, Interstate 695, take Exit 23, I-83 South.... Read More

Roger Nelson – “Global Consciousness Project”

Roger Nelson spoke to the Baltimore IONS group by Skype. Here the recording (in two parts) by clicking on the links, below: Dr. Roger Nelson – Pt 1 Dr. Roger Nelson – Pt 2  Read More

Dean Radin – “Science of the Siddhis”

Dean Radin speaks about “Science of the Siddhis” Click here to watch the video presentation.  Read More