Theodore Richards

Theodore Richards Discusses how the Educational System needs to be revised in order for society to evolve. Theodore_Richards 2nd time – pt 1 Theodore_Richards 2nd time – pt 2 Theodore_Richards 2nd time – pt 3  Read More

Field Trips

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Meaningful Discussions

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Book Club

Book Club meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every other month, 7:00–8:30 pm. . . . Past selections include: _Alchemy of Nine Dimensions 2011/2012 Prophecies_ by Barbara Hand Clow _The End of Suffering_ by Russell Targ _Entangled Minds_ by Dean Radin _Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality _ by Barbara Bradley Hagerty   _Living Deeply_ by Marilyn Schlitz _The Lost Symbol_ by Dan Brown _Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in... Read More

Local gatherings

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Roger Nelson – “Global Consciousness Project”

Roger Nelson spoke to the Baltimore IONS group by Skype. Here the recording (in two parts) by clicking on the links, below: Dr. Roger Nelson – Pt 1 Dr. Roger Nelson – Pt 2  Read More

Dean Radin – “Science of the Siddhis”

Dean Radin speaks about “Science of the Siddhis” Click here to watch the video presentation.  Read More